Who are we?


March 7th 1884, France - Eugene Poubelle introduces a law regulating storage of waste by building administrators. Waste was being placed in metal containers, which capacity was maximally 120 liters. Interestingly, the law involved waste sorting,


Canada - after a series of experiments with polyethylene, inventor Harry Wasylyk introduces the first rubbish bag to the world. Due to its green colour, it was named the Green Garbage Bag.


Enfield, UK - the Poly-Lina company, specialising in household products is established.


Germany - the Paclan company (short from Packungen-Landau, where Landau is the surname of the establisher) is established.
A manufacturing plant is set up.


Telford (UK) - Poly-Lina opens a new plant. For many years to come, Telford will become the company headquarters.


Paclan starts production in Poland, settin shop in Kąty Wrocławskie. The company enters also the russian and french markets.


Paclan merges with a british Poly-Lina company, establishing CeDo Household Products. They start expanding Europe-wide and to Asian markets.


A plant in Geleen (PE and PET recycling) is bought. Thanks to a polish artist, Edward Lutczyn, Paclan also enters the world of drawing.


CeDo opens a modern production plant of over 10 000 sqm of area in Kąty Wrocławskie. The company enters the new millenium with a changed logo and their products sport a refreshed graphic design.


CeDo opens a new plant in Vietnam. It is the company's fourth plant in the world.


A series of "Gotuj z Paclanem" workshops is launched and the first "Polka w kuchni" calendar is released. Paclan unveils a new logo, which is still used today.

Paclan in numbers


Straco Investments own 100% of shares in the CeDo holding company.

3,5 mln

metres of foil

Our plants produce over 3,5 million metres of aluminium foil.

We produce about

310 tons of bags everyday

We produce about 310 tons of plastic bags everyday. To put this into perspective - that is the weight of two Boeings 777!

over 50

years of experience

For over 50 years, we've been taking care of home equipment, clean bathrooms and living rooms, as well as those delicious meals you prepare in your kitchens!

over 20

years in the Polish market

We've been present in Poland for over 20 years, providing you with our products, and constantly improving our offer, so that we can take care of each and every household.


products in the CeDo group

There are already about 2000 products in our range, which help you in your everyday activities, making household chores easier than ever.

4 factories

in the world

Our plants are spread out around the world, always working at full throttle, to give you the best products for your household.


sales branches

We are always there if you need us. Our employees take care of your satisfaction in each of our 5 sales branches.